The effect of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose:
1. Building mortar plastering mortar with high water retention can fully hydrate the cement and increase the bond strength obviously. At the same time, it can properly improve the tensile strength and shear strength, greatly improve the construction effect and work efficiency.
2. Water-resistant putty, in which cellulose ether mainly retains water, binds and lubricates, avoids cracks and dehydration caused by excessive loss of water, enhances the adhesion of putty and reduces the hanging phenomenon in construction. It is smooth in construction.
3. In gypsum series, cellulose ether plays the main roles of water retention, thickening and lubrication. At the same time, it has a certain retarding effect. It solves the problem that the initial strength can not reach in the construction process and prolongs the working time.
4. The interfacial agent is mainly used as thickener, which can improve the tensile strength and shear strength, improve the surface coating, enhance the adhesion and bond strength. 5. The external wall thermal insulation mortar cellulose plays an important role in bonding and strength increasing in this material, which is that sand will be easier to coating, improve work efficiency, and have the function of anti vertical flow. The higher water retention performance can extend the working time of mortar, improve anti shrinkage and anti cracking, improve surface quality, and improve bonding strength.
6. Ceramic tile binder with high water retention can significantly improve its bonding strength without pre-soaking or wetting the ceramic tile and base. Slurry can be constructed in a long period, delicate, uniform, easy to construct, and has good resistance to wetting.  
7. The addition of sealant and crevice agent cellulose ether makes it have good edge cohesion, low shrinkage and high wear resistance. It protects the base material from mechanical damage and avoids the impact of infiltration on the whole building.
8. The stable cohesiveness of DC flat material cellulose ether ensures good fluidity and self-leveling ability, controls water retention rate to enable it to solidify quickly, reduces cracking and shrinkage.
9. In the paint industry, cellulose ether can be used as film-forming agent, thickener, emulsifier and stabilizer, which makes the film have better wear resistance, uniformity, adhesion, the PH of improving surface tension is qualitative, the mixing effect with organic solvents is better, and the high water retention performance makes it have good brushability and river leveling. Our company adopts advanced German equipment to realize production flow. Processing information technology, from raw materials to finished products, only strict control of each process, and strengthen the details to ensure the quality of each product.