The application fields of Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)
The construction industry:
1, Cement mortar: improve the dispersibility of cement and sand, improve the plasticity and water retention of mortar greatly, have the effect of preventing crack, can enhance the strength of cement.
2, Cement tiles: raise the pressing ceramic mortar plasticity, water retention, improve tile adhesive force, prevent powder.
3, Asbestos and other refractory coating: as an agent of the suspension, fluidity improving agent, but also improve the base glue relay.
4, Mortar: as a substitute for natural paste, can improve the water retention, increase with substrate glue relay.
5, The gypsum slurry: improve the coagulation water retention and processing, improve the adhesive force of the substrate.
6, The joint of cement: add the joint of cement from gypsum board use, improve liquidity and water retention.
7, Latex putty: to improve the resin emulsion as liquidity based putty and water retention.
8, Coating: as latex coatings plasticizers, to improve the coating performance and improve the liquidity effect.
9, Spray paint: to prevent cement or latex is sprayed to material sinking and improve liquidity and spray pattern with good results.
10,Cement, gypsum two products: used as extrusion molding adhesive cement asbestos series hydraulic material, improve the liquidity, can be molded product uniform.
11, Fiber wall: because of the effects of anti enzyme resistant bacteria, as a binder sand wall is effective..
12, Other: can use as thin cement sand mortar and Mason operation effect (PC version) bubble retention agent.